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Scope of Application of Cordless PA System

Here are four type of cordless pa systems.

1. Business Broadcasting System: This is a language broadcast based on business and administrative management. It can be used in places such as office buildings, commercial buildings, institutions, colleges, stations, wharves, airports, etc. Business broadcasting is usually managed by the competent department.

2. Service Broadcasting System: This is a service-based broadcasting system based on the appreciation of background music. It is often used in guesthouses, hotels, banks, securities, parks, squares and large public activities.

3. Emergency Broadcasting System: This is a broadcast system designed to meet the requirements of evacuation for emergency incidents such as fire. Usually, this system is combined with the above two systems. The combination design should be determined according to the requirements of the emergency broadcasting system.

4. Conference System: With the increase of domestic and international exchanges, telephone conferencing, video conferencing and digital conference system (DCN) have developed rapidly in recent years. The conference system is widely used in conference centers, hotels, groups and government agencies. The conference system includes a conference discussion system, a voting system, a simultaneous interpretation system, and a video conferencing system. The system requires the synchronization of sound and video (image) systems, and the conference data is controlled and stored by the computer.

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