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MAG6276 Outdoor LED terminal (two channels)


● Based on embedded Linux system, adopt 64*128 LED dot matrix screen, and support TCP/UDP protocol.
● Supports audio and video encoding and decoding of H264, H265, MPEG4, AAC and other formats.
● Support VOIP, and have visual intercom with SIP protocol.
● Support intercom of multiple parties.
● Support switch detection automatically triggering video intercom.
● Support alarm light prompt and short circuit switch trigger.
● Built-in 2 million (1920*1080) pixel high-speed camera, with infrared night vision function.
● The visual paging terminal can be directly selected the LED terminal to have video intercom.
● Support voice calling for help, when there is "help", "robbery", "help me" and other works calling for help, the terminal will automatically request video intercom.
● With AI alarm function, which can identify emergency behaviors in crowds and automatically send alarm.

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