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MAG6275 Network Video Outdoor LED Screen Terminal


● It adopts 32*64 LED dot matrix screen, can support Linux or Android operating platform, and supports TCP/UDP network protocol;
● Support H264 encode and decode format;
● Support access to SIP intercom network phone system for visual intercom and paging;
● Supports access to the intercom system for intercom and paging;
● Switch detection automatically triggers video intercom;
● Supports warning lights and alarm prompts (12V output), and supports short-circuit switch triggering;
● Built-in echo cancellation and anti-howling function modules;
● Built-in 2 million (1920*1080) pixel camera with infrared night light function, high-speed camera, sampling 30 frames per second, video frame delay less than 200MS;
● The paging microphone can directly open the visual intercom terminal for video intercom;
● Built-in 2×15W digital power amplifier;
● Built-in 3W monitor speaker and digital microphone display, the monitor speaker can output simultaneously with the built-in 2×15W power;
● Users can set a specific voice to automatically turn on the request video intercom (this function is customized according to customer needs).

  • Introduction
  • Specification

MAG6275 Network Video Outdoor LED Screen Terminal adopts professional audio and video processing chip and embedded Linux operating system, stable and reliable. Using 32*64 LED dot matrix screen, it can display real-time working status and release information. The built-in high-definition camera can realize call alarm in emergency situations, and has AI alarm trigger function, which can recognize the emergency behavior of the crowd and automatically alarm. The machine can output remote audio data stream to audio signals, with intelligent host control; has a built-in MP3 player, and a SD card slot used to expand the SD card, and can be separated from the host for independent timing points; with 1 auxiliary audio output interface for connecting other amplifiers to expand the power.



Network Playback

Output Sensitivity


Frequency Response






Maximum Output Power of Power Amplifier

Independent Channel Mode (Two Channels)


Maximum Harmonic Distortion of Power Amplifier


Built-in Speaker


MIC Microphone Input

Input Sensitivity

5- 15mV

Frequency Response






SNR (30KHz Low Pass)


Power Supply


Overcurrent, Overheating, Overvoltage, Undervoltage Protection


Package Size (L×W×H mm)

555× 351× 159

Product Size (L×W×H mm)

375× 291× 134

Gross Weight


Net Weight


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