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MP6U 19 Inch Wall Mount Audio Racks


● 19" standard design, comply with international standards
● 1.0mm high quality steel, coated with plastic, rust-proof
● Tempered explosion proof glass, safe and reliable
● Rear door and side-door openable for convenient checking

  • Specification
Type Model Internal Dimension Weight External Dimension (H×W×D)
wall mount MP6U 6U 15.2kg 370×600×450mm
MP12U 12U 21.1kg 640×600×450mm
luxury MP15U 15U 42.0kg 1000×600×600mm
MP20U 20U 46.3kg 1200×600×600mm
MP25U 25U 53.0kg 1400×600×600mm
MP30U 30U 61.4kg 1600×600×600mm
MP35U 35U 68.8kg 1800×600×600mm
MP40U 40U 75.0kg 2000×600×600mm

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