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DSPPA | Engages in Dialogue with Vietnamese Delegation

DSPPA | Engages in Dialogue with Vietnamese Delegation

Abstract: Fostering connections and facilitating dialogue: welcoming the Vietnamese Agent Delegation to visit DSPPA headquarters.

On April 3, DSPPA Headquarters welcomed a group of distinguished and special guests, we had the honor to receive the Vietnamese delegation from AV Vietnam company, marking a new starting point in our partnership and a stronger foundation for future collaboration.

Their visit centered around a captivating exploration of DSPPA's factory, audio history museum and video history museum, offering a glimpse into the development process and cutting-edge advancements in audiovisual technology.

Tracing Audiovisual History 

Utilizing its fundamental technology, DSPPA has developed the Audio History Museum and the Video History Museum, seamlessly blending history, culture, and modern technology for an intelligent living experience.

From the earliest forms of audio transmission to the latest breakthroughs in acoustics, each exhibit illuminated the transformative power of audio and video and their profound impact on human experience.

Fostering Connections & Dialogue 

In addition, DSPPA also arranged a visit to the AI Audiovisual Experience Center and product display for the delegation, providing them with the opportunity to firsthand experience the exceptional products and services we offer.

The visit holds significant meaning for DSPPA, allowing us to strengthen our relationships with international partners and demonstrate our commitment to innovation and quality.

DSPPA here once again expresses our gratitude to the Vietnamese delegation for their valuable contributions and to AV Vietnam for their ongoing support, eagerly anticipating future collaborations.

We also look forward to welcoming and engaging with delegations worldwide to shape a promising future in audiovisual field collectively.

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