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PC1011PII 5 Mic 5 Aux 12 Inputs Preamplifier


● 12 inputs (5 MIC inputs, 5 AUX inputs, 2 EMC inputs) and 2 outputs
● LED screen for all status display, clear & convenient
● Support PC control and DC 24V power input
● MIC1 in front pannel with highest priority for convenient us
● Each AUX & Mic input with individual volume control
● 3 priority input levels: MIC 1 > EMC1&2 > other audio inputs
● Built-in chime, volume adjustable
● 2 tones control for Bass & Treble

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The PC1011PII is a public address pre-amplifier with 3 unbalanced MIC inputs, 2 balanced MIC inputs, 3 unbalanced Aux inputs, 2 balanced Aux inputs, 2 priority inputs, and 4 outputs. Priority muting is achieved via EMC for overriding music for paging and emergency alarms. Individual gain controls are provided for MIC and AUX inputs, bass and treble controls are provided for overall tone control.
This product can be called digital stereo preamplifier or good stereo preamp.

PC1011PII 5 Mic 5 Aux 12 Inputs Preamplifier
PC1011PII 5 Mic 5 Aux 12 Inputs Preamplifier

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