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PC1011PIII Pre-amplifier


● Various and multiple input/output ports: 1 unbalanced priority microphone port; 2 unbalanced microphone ports; 2 balanced microphone ports; 3 audio source unbalanced input ports; 2 audio source balanced input ports; 2 EMC emergency input ports; 4 output ports.
● Full touch button operation.
● Independent volume control for each channel, and total volume control.
● Treble and bass tone control.
● The LCD with high illuminance for volume scale position and value of each channel, signal dynamic amplitude, treble and bass tone scale position.
● With priority function, and automatic mute (with override function).
● With built-in chime generator.
● Support PC remote control.
● With address setting function, a system can connect a maximum of 16 units.

  • Specification

Nominal Input

Mic1, 2, 3:600Ω,5mV, unbalanced

Mic4,5:600Ω,5mV, balanced

EMC1, 2;Aux1, 2, 3:10kΩ,300mV,unbalanced


Nominal Output


Frequency Response

20Hz-20kHz(±3dB), line input




Mic input:>70dB

Aux input:>70dB


Bass:±10dB (100Hz)

Treble:±10dB (10kHz)


Each time press the button, the melody is“(1-3-5-ì-) ”,

with adjustable volume.


AC fuse×1 (220V:F0.6AL, 110V:F1AL)

Power Supply


Package Dimension (mm)


Machine Dimension (mm)


Gross Weight


Net Weight


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