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WEP253 Wireless PA System Terminal with Amplifier


● The all-weather outdoor waterproof design, compact and beautiful appearance;
● The wireless/wired addressable receiving, RDS subcarrier decoding, high reliability encryption, ensure safe broadcasting;
● Gas lightning protection tube with built-in high voltage and strong current,
● Protection against thunder and lightning, high reliability;
● The DSP digital radio unit, high quality output;
● Support for superior host remote boot timing and digital volume control,
● solve the problem of lose efficacy of mechanical potentiometer by long working time;
● DSPPA special control protocol, ultra high sensitivity to accept, even in the weak signal can be accurately adjusted the control signal;
● Customers can be customized for fixed frequency acceptance or automatic tracking transmitter frequency acceptance,very strong adaptability;
● Built in 25 Watt High fidelity amplifier circuit, protection function safety;
● With two line signal output interface to facilitate the expansion of high-power amplifier;
● Working status indicator light, easy to judge equipment failure

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  • Specification
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WEP253 is an addressable FM receiving terminal specially designed for wireless Public address system. It’s a public address equipment with FM reception, audio decoding, signal amplification and audio output, support wireless and wired two transmission modes.

This device is based on DSP digital audio processing technology, output high fidelity audio signal. RDS subcarrier decoding; high reliability signal encryption technology;gas lightning protection tube with built-in high voltage and strong current, keep the equipment from lightning, ensure the stability and security of public address system.

This equipment is suitable for city and rural emergency broadcasting system; Campus, parks, squares, parks, factories and other places of public address system outdoor sound reinforcement, etc. It is an ideal choice for outdoor audio reception and signal amplification.


Functional Module

          Parameter Item

Technical Index

FM receiving section

Receiving Frequency


Frequency Response




Receiving Sensitivity


Data Demodulation

57 kHz,RDS Code

Line Output Section

Output Interface

2 way RCA style

Output Level



Output Impedance


Power And Communication Section

Rated Power


Frequency Response






Communication mode


Power part

Standby Power


Full load power


Voltage And Frequency


WEP253 Wireless PA System Terminal with Amplifier

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