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Annual Travel of DSPPA Global Center in 2021

Annual Travel of DSPPA Global Center in 2021

DSPPA Global Center went to Qingyuan, Guangdong Province for a two-day trip in December 2021.

Day 1    Hotel--Villa --Golf-- Dinner --Recreational Activities
The group embarked on their journey on the afternoon of December 3rd by car, and arrived at the hotel at 2:30 PM to check in at first.

After that, they drove to the villa to put the luggage away. It was such a beautiful European-style house with a vast lawn and a big swimming pool. A wide range of recreational facilities were available there, such as Billiards, KTV, Card Room and so on.

Then, the team went to the golf course, and that was a totally new experience for many; Everyone enjoyed themselves there.

When it’s time for dinner, the group headed for a local cuisine restaurant. After that, the highlights of the day--Night Activities began. A variety of recreational activities ranging from pocket card to mahjong, outdoor barbecue, KTV, billiards were provided there.

Day 2     Ferris Wheel-- Mount Matou
In the morning of next day, the group came to the “Dajiayuan Ferris Wheel”. Once boarding the wheel, the panorama scene came to sight, such as the blue sky, the lush lakes, the beautiful architectures and the park.

In the afternoon, they came to Mount Matou as scheduled.

The natural landscape there impressed the author most. It is a place that makes tourists linger on.

The most amazing part is the Rock Climbing. Everyone cannot wait to began the rock climbing as It was a thrilling and exciting activity.

Amid the climbing, the group stayed as a family. Though it was a little bit dangerous, group members gave guts to each other and offered some tips when someone was in difficulty, which serves as a testimony of the cohesion of this team.

This trip has provided the group a good opportunity to strengthen their mutual friendship and team spirit. They all will be united as one and stayed in solidarity in the future.

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