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WEP9115T Wireless PA System Transmitter


● Clear LED display
● Hi-fi Stereo 15W power transmitter
● Frequency range: 76MHz - 108MHz
● Frequency adjustable in effective range
● Anti-interference from same range signals
● Mono/stereo mode switchable
● Electrical level adjustable to match different audio sources

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  • Specification
  • Connection

WEP9115T is a wireless PA transmitter developed specially for radio broadcasting system and a broadcasting equipment transmitting FM frequency.

Taking the DSP digital audio processing technology as the core, this equipment is able to output the high definition audio signal. With RDS sub-carrier decoding and high-reliability signal encryption technology, it is possible to prevent the illegal insertion of broadcasting; the built-in gas discharge tube is used to protect the equipment from lightning in order to guarantee the safety in the broadcasting system effectively.

This equipment is applicable to the urban and rural emergency broadcasting system; the indoor or outdoor acoustic amplification in the campus, factory, park, square, and playground. Together with the wireless transmitter, multi-function control host, and high-definition horn loudspeaker or the column loudspeaker manufactured by our company, this equipment will constitute the complete broadcasting system.


WEP9115T 15W Wireless PA Transmitter

Transmission frequency range


Frequency intermittence


Max. transmission power


Output impedance


Modulation Mode


Max. frequency deviation

75KHz stereo mode

Pre-emphasis time


Control mode

RS232, 9600bps

Addressable capability

1000 zones

Channel resolution


Signal to noise ratio

63 dB stereo mode

Frequency response


Input impedance





PA7005 (64 zones)

Power supply



WEP9115T Wireless PA System Transmitter

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