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WEP5580 Series Wall-Mounted Emergency Broadcast System


● Power management system: Connected to UPS outdoor power station / AC220V mains to provide continuous regulated power supply for the device. Support 1 power output.
● Power amplifier: The machine has a built-in digital amplifier, with different output power options of 120W/250W/350W/500W, which can be connected to multiple 100V constant voltage speakers.
● AUX IN is connected to an audio source device (such as DVD) to expand the program source for the machine. AUX OUT is connected to other amplifier to expand the power of the terminal.
● MIC IN can be used to expand the wireless intercom microphone. In the event of water and power outages, communication interruptions, no network, disconnected network and other emergencies, the system can receive intercom signals to conduct the on-site command call.
● Local audio playback function: With built-in USB/SD card interface for playing multiple audio sources in MP3 and WMA formats, or on-site recording.
● With expandable network port and 4G mobile card port to cater for different needs.
● 4.3” TFT true color touch screen: Designed with graphic interfaces, all the function items and setting operations are clear at a glance, beautiful in design and fashion in style; the touch screen control mode defines user-friendly human-computer interaction.
● Loop detection: Determine whether the connection between the speaker and the amplifier is normal, open circuited or short circuited.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

This system is designed for use in natural disasters, accidents, emergencies, social security, andrescue evacuations. In the event of local water or power outage, communication interruption, ornetwark disconnection, the system can perfarm on-site command announcements. It is poweredby an outdoor power source charged by solar energy. eliminating the reliance on the existingpower network of the installation environment. The syster features strong directionality, highsound pressure, clarity, and outdoar waterprof capabilities. Real-time monitoring of the systemand speaker connections ensures the reliability of system operation. With a graphical userinterface design, all functional items and setting operation information are clear at a is an indispensable common emergency device for mproving emergency evacuation, safetyprecautions,and evacuation drills.



Network Port

Standard RJ Input

Transmission Rate


Support Protocol


Audio Format


Audio Mode

16 Bit CD Quality

Sampling Rate


Power Amplifier Output Rated Power





Rated Output Voltage (Constant Voltage)


Line Output Frequency Response


Amplifier Output Frequency Response

Line Input


WL-MIC Input


Aviation Microphone Input


Harmonic Distortion


Input SNR


Protection Method

Overvoltage, overcurrent, undervoltage, overheating and short circuit protection

AUX Input Sensitivity

350mV (unbalanced)

PTT Input Sensitivity

10mV (unbalanced)

Wireless Walkie-Talkie Input Sensitivity

100mV (unbalanced)

USB Playback Sensitivity

-(10±1) dB

AUX OUT Ouput Level


Backup Battery Life

2H (Normal Voice Playback)

Rated Input Voltage


Working Temperature


Working Humidity

20%~80% Relative Humidity, No Condensation

Package Size


Product Size


Gross Weight


Net Weight


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