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DSPPA | Voice Evacuation System for Mirnian Hotel in Saudi Arabia

DSPPA | Voice Evacuation System for Mirnian Hotel in Saudi Arabia

Abstract: Our Voice Evacuation System has been applied to the Mirnian Hotel for enhanced emergency communication and guest safety.

With the help of Smart Audio Devices Est (Promic), our distributor in Saudi Arabia, our PAVA8500 Voice Evacuation System has been applied to the Mirnian Hotel successfully, facilitating a swift and coordinated response in critical situations.

Project Background
Mirnian Hotel is a four-star hotel located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, which offers dry cleaning, 24-hour security and housekeeping. Only 4km away from the city center, so it is a nice hotel for your stay in Jeddah.

Project Spotlight
As each floor of the hotel needs to be notified and alerted in the event of an emergency, we propose to install our EN54 Voice Evacuation System in the hotel.

When there is no fire alarm or other emergency, the administrator can manually or automatically play music programs to create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, broadcast safety instructions, issue important notices, and so on.

When necessary, the administrator can use the remote paging microphone to guide and evacuate the guests, so as to ensure their properties and lives and minimize their loss. Besides, it has automatic playback and timing functions to play the timing music in specific zones for unattended operation.

Dotted with our DSP6011 ceiling speakers, the hotel can play different sound sources in different zones, delivering a clear and bright sound for long-term reliable operation.

Project Highlight

Packed with a variety of innovative technologies through versatile integration and advanced digital networking, the PAVA8500 voice evacuation system enhances audio performance and user experience while improving safety and stability.

It incorporates a variety of functions such as one-key alarm, remote paging, zone paging, automatic fault detection, scheduled tasks, and software control into a compact amplifier host, highlighting its strong and powerful functions and outstanding performance.
Project List



Product Name




8-Zone Voice Evacuation System Host

1 pc



16-Zone Remote Paging Station

1 pc



Remote Control Software

1 pc



6.5” Frameless Ceiling Speaker

32 pcs

Project Diagram

Customer Feedback
We are happy to share with you the feedback from our client that the system is easy to operate, cost-effective, high-quality, and full-featured to meet the needs of playing different music in different zones and broadcasting notices on a daily basis.

At the hotel, the voice evacuation system functions as a crucial tool for conveying evacuation instructions, security alerts, and general announcements, fostering a secure and well-informed environment for guests.

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