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DSPPA Network PA System Applied in the Construction of Ethiopia - Djibouti Railway

DSPPA network PA system applied in the construction of Ethiopia - Djibouti railway section has entered into the acceptance period. It’s a historical moment for DSPPA.

Site Construction

Site Construction

The railway project cooperated jointly by China Railway Engineering Cooperation and China Civil Engineering Construction Group, with a total length of 339 km, starting form Mi Aisuo to the border of Djibouti directly. It will not only be the most

important transportation channel in Ethiopia, but also the most significant collection and distribution channels of Djibouti.

railway project

The project mainly adopted PC 10 series of DSPPA, which is the hero of 2008 Beijing Olympics and 20 zones intelligent PA System center-MAG2120. The smart PC-link PA system is with fully digital management, soft-touch, hand-in-hand data link. It supports remote monitoring and central control, partition management, public emergency broadcasting, remote paging, multi-system cascade and parallel operation.

PC 10 series of DSPPA

MAG2120 is an intelligent PA system center with 20 zones. It has 5’’ TFT screen display, 8 audio source inputs and 20 audio outputs. MAG2120 supports 5 sets of timing programs, each with 500 timing points for 7-day cycle.


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