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Military Long Range Acoustic Equipment is So "Advanced"

1. What is long range acoustic device?

The long range acoustic device has strong directivity and long propagation distance. It controls the sound emission direction at ± 15 ° or so. Just like the flashlight beam, the acoustic beam emitted by the long range acoustic device also has strong directivity, so it will not affect the surrounding environment.

The propagation distance of the long range speaker is very long. The propagation distance of traditional horn is less than 50 meters, while that of directional acoustic transmitter is more than 5 kilometers. The directional sound wave is composed of ultrasonic waves. This kind of ultrasonic generator is only half an inch thick and is driven by an amplifier. The amplifier sends voltage to the metal polymer film of the sounder and makes the film vibrate at 60000 Hz or higher to generate ultrasonic waves. In the air, the density of the uniform ultrasonic wave fluctuates, and then the ultrasonic wave changes into a sound that can be heard by the human ear.

2. Application of long range accoustic device

The long range acoustic equipment is used for anti-terrorism and anti riot of the police. Its transmission distance is generally more than 3000 meters, which can meet the needs of

long-distance communication, broadcasting, shouting between ships, air raid warning, etc. It has the following advantages:

1. High definition of sound quality: the long range acoustic equipment emits excellent sound quality, with clear sound, high intensity and high recognition;

2. Adjustable beam width: the width of the sound beam is generally adjustable from ± 7.5 ° to ± 15 °;

3. Adjustable volume: the MP3 controller of the long range acoustic equipment can adjust the emission volume at any time, or adjust the emission volume in time through the remote computer, which is helpful to realize the function of communication, alerting or warning respectively.


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