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DSPPA | Pro Sound&IP PA for Tripoli International Stadium, Libya

DSPPA | Pro Sound&IP PA for Tripoli International Stadium, Libya

Abstract: With our Libyan distributor, DSPPA sound & IP PA systems at the stadium ensure smooth events & immersive audio for all.

With the collaboration of our distributor in Libya, DSPPA professional sound system and IP network public address system have been successfully applied to the Tripoli International Stadium in Libya, ensuring the smooth progress of events and bringing an immersive and captivating audio experience to participants and spectators.

Project Overview
The Tripoli International Stadium, situated in Tripoli, Libya, is a versatile arena capable of accommodating up to 45,000 spectators. It serves as the primary venue for the Libyan national football team, hosting various events including FIFA World Cup and African Nations Cup qualifying matches, along with friendlies and other international competitions.

In a collaborative effort with our distributor in Libya, we are thrilled to participate in the comprehensive renovation of the Tripoli International Stadium, providing an all-round audio system solution to deliver outstanding audio effects and experience for sports events and other activities.

Project Spotlight

The advanced and versatile audio system solution integrates professional sound reinforcement and network broadcasting technologies, providing robust, reliable, and comprehensive audio support for a wide range of activities and events at the Tripoli International Stadium.

In this project, DSPPA professional sound system, as one of the key equipment, is centrally controlled by the MAG6000 IP network PA system, enabling flexibility and efficiency in sound management.

The D6563F/D6566F wall-mounted speakers and D6079B horn speakers in the system are strategically positioned at crucial points throughout the stadium, delivering uniform and clear sound coverage.

This allows spectators to enjoy a consistent and top-notch auditory experience regardless of their location within the stadium.

And the network public address system is extensively deployed on the first, second, and third floors, facilitating quicker and more efficient information dissemination. To meet the needs of different areas, DSPPA has opted for different types of speakers for installation.

In changing rooms, lounges, and meeting rooms, DSP6011 ceiling speakers and DSP8062B wall-mounted speakers are used to provide athletes with a relaxing environment for pre-match preparation and post-match rest, while ensuring clear and efficient communication during meetings.

Additionally, in the VIP viewing room, DSP915 ceiling speakers are utilized to offer VIPs an immersive experience while watching the game. Outside the stadium, DSP358 waterproof column speakers are installed to provide clear event updates and entertainment programs for a large crowd.

Project Highlight
Professional Sound System

The professional sound reinforcement system is a technology solution designed to deliver high-quality audio performance, typically used in large events, concerts, and conferences to ensure clear, uniform sound coverage and optimal listening experience.

D6563F/D6566F Professional Speaker

D6563F/D6566F professional speakers are high-quality audio output devices specifically designed for large venues, ensuring clear, uniform, and high-fidelity audio effects through optimized acoustic design and advanced technology to meet various music and speech requirements.

D6079B Long-Range Horn Speaker

D6079B all-weather two-way horn speaker system features a fiberglass enclosure that is waterproof and UV-resistant, delivering clear sound quality, with its low-frequency unit utilizing a compression horn transducer for enhanced sound pressure level and extended transmission distance.

MAG6000 IP Network PA System
Operating on all-digital transmission, the MAG6000 IP network public address system serves as a two-way audio enhancement system.

It features background music playback, zone management, emergency broadcast, paging broadcast, and remote control and monitoring, ensuring efficient operation of sound equipment in the stadium.

Project List & Project Diagram

Note: The project list & diagram is for reference only.

The success of the endeavor once again highlights DSPPA’s forefront position and technical prowess in the audio industry. Moving forward, we will remain committed to delivering premium audio solutions to clients, further refining sound experience for an array of sports events and diverse occasions.

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