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EN54 Voice Alarm System for the Nursing Home

EN54 Voice Alarm System for the Nursing Home

▄ Solution Overview

● As senior living continues to evolve at a rapid pace, they need to live in a more comfortable and safe environment. Whether your community is able to provide residents with the services they need, such as voice evacuation alarm systems, DSPPA can work with you to develop customised solutions for innovative and critical technical services.
● The voice alarm system is a very important device in nursing homes. It can provide the elderly with a more convenient and comfortable living experience, and also allows managers to more easily supervise the situation in the nursing home.

▄ Project Requirements

● Three-story nursing home, parking lot. The total construction area is more than 3,000㎡.
● The voice alarm system application covers the entire nursing home, allowing them to hear clearer and more convenient audio information, including calls, alarms, activity arrangements, etc.
● The entire voice alarm system requires network cabling while maintaining low-latency transmission.
● Play wireless media through a laptop or other portable audio player.
● It conforms to the standard of fire alarm system EN54-16/24, and also requires that these devices must have a certain degree of reliability and durability to ensure long-term use.

▄ System Connection Diagram

System Configuration
● Three-story nursing home building,with parking lot. The construction area is more than 3,000 square meters.
● Each floor is divided into 5 areas and equipped with 6W fireproof ceiling speakers; the distance between the two speakers is about 8 meters.
● Each partition is equipped with a CD player, which can be connected to USB/FM/Bluetooth for playback.
● The underground parking area is equipped with wall-mounted paging, which can be used for emergency paging and one-button alarm.



Product Name


PA Devices



Voice Evacuation Host




Voice Evacuation Extender Host




Remote control





Remote Paging Station




Extended Keyboard




Voice Evacuation System Fireman Microphone




CD player with USB/FM/Bluetooth




EN54 Fireproof Speaker


▄ Product Highlight

Voice Evacuation System Host (PAVA8500)

Voice Evacuation System Host with Battary  Charger (PAVA8501)
● Add built-in charger. Built-in battery charging module, with short circuit, overload, overvoltage, undervoltage protection and undervoltage warning functions.

▄ Product Introduction

Voice Evacuation System Host (PAVA8500)

● Long-distance signal transmission, covering multiple areas and working simultaneously.
● Fire protection is automatically triggered to achieve unattended operation.
● The user-friendly operation is simple, with one-button paging or emergency voice playback.

▄ Product Highlight

Fire Trigger
● Supports fire linkage in the whole area and zones, supports the configuration of adjacent floor fire alarm modes, and supports manual alarms and triggered alarms.

▄ Software Highlight

▄ Control Room Equipment


▄ Sound Reinforcement Equipment

6W EN54 Fireproof Speaker(DSP602EN)

● DSP602EN complies with EN54-24 standards; in the event of a fire, the fireproof speaker ensures good voice output while improving safety, with a level of reliability and durability to ensure long-term use.
● The fireproof speaker can output broadcast voice, paging and background music; it is also suitable for factories, office buildings, shopping malls, residential buildings and other places.

▄ Fire Microphone

Voice Evacuation System Fireman Microphone(PAVA8009)


●  Low latency transmission with Dante in accordance with IP30 standards.
● Emergency paging and one-click alarm (two different alarm sounds are optional).
● 4 custom multifunction keys.

 ▄ Paging Microphone

Voice Evacuation System Remote Paging Station(PAVA8008)+Remote Paging Station Extender(PAVA8008E)

● Dialing code address setting, a total of 32 remote microphones can be connected.
● 16 paging zones for single, multiple area paging, group paging, and full area paging;
● Extended external keyboard for up to 9 keyboards;
● The microphone has an AUX input that can be used as a paging signal input.
● The PTT mode can be set, that is, the CALL key must be pressed all the time during paging, otherwise, the paging will end.

▄ Project Reference

EN54 voice alarm system is widely used in all kinds of public places and buildings, such as nursing homes, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, hotels, hotels, theatres, underground stations, airports, factories and so on.

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