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Small-Medium Conference Room (Meet Pro)

  • D6801 Wireless Conference SystemD6801 Wireless Conference SystemAugust 11, 2021Solution Description As for the traditional wired hand-in-hand conference system, an extension cord is required to be pulled from the host computer room to the conference room, and generally a wiring...view
  • D9001II Paperless Conference SystemD9001II Paperless Conference SystemAugust 11, 2021DSPPA paperless conference system is a paperless conference system tailored for government party and government agencies, enterprises, institutions, and large group companies. ...view
  • D6201 Digital Audiovisual Conference SystemD6201 Digital Audiovisual Conference SystemAugust 22, 2021The sound reinforcement system for a conference room is a precise and scientific system with high stability and reliability. It should be combined with the actual situation of the...view
  • D7201 Dante Conference System (Uganda Case)D7201 Dante Conference System (Uganda Case)August 25, 2021A complete digital audio and video conference system includes the following main aspects: check-in, speech, voting, conference sound reinforcement, conference process control, ...view
  • MP9866 Digital Conference SystemMP9866 Digital Conference SystemAugust 31, 20211. Solution Description DSPPA new generation of pure speech digital conference system perfectly combines 8-pin cable hand-in-hand connection and dual-backup full digital intelligent control technology...view
  • D6115 Digital Conference System(Pop-up microphones and connection method)D6115 Digital Conference System(Pop-up microphones and connection method)September 27, 2021DSPPA new generation pure speech digital conference system is an 8-pin one-line hand-in-hand full digital intelligent control technology application, which makes the system simple to operate and easy to install.view
  • D6201 D6108 Digital Audiovisual Conference SystemD6201 D6108 Digital Audiovisual Conference SystemAugust 11, 2021DSPPA D6201 digital conference system is used in a conference room in a new building in the Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia. The conference room is 14 meters in length, 5 meters in width, covering an area of 70㎡, and has 14 seats. It is mainly used for exchange meetings, training, and information release.view
  • Solution to Small and Medium-Sized Business Conference RoomSolution to Small and Medium-Sized Business Conference RoomOctober 24, 2019Solution to Small and Medium-Sized Business Conference RoomDescriptionFor small and medium-sized simple business conferences, we are equipped with the most concise but advanced digital conference syst...view
  • Dante Conference System for Small Negotiation RoomDante Conference System for Small Negotiation RoomMay 27, 20201. Solution Description A meeting room is indispensable in normal work communication as it is always needed for interviews, internal training, contract signing, and leadership talks. And it brings dif...view
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