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Small-Medium Conference Room (Meet Pro)

  • Economic Audio Conference System MK6906/MK6920/MK6925Economic Audio Conference System MK6906/MK6920/MK6925December 19, 2022MK6906/MK6920/MK6925 professional amplifier integrates balancing function and pre-amplifier and power amplifier. The product is designed for the requirements of clear and bright microphone sound quality and adjustable volume level at the conference site.view
  • D6801 Wireless Conference SystemD6801 Wireless Conference SystemAugust 11, 2021The DSPPA wireless conference system D6801 uses a digital network that can wirelessly transmit information within a local area, and can accurately, quickly and securely transmit conference information to participants without changing the original facilities. The wireless conference system has gradually become an important development direction of professional conference system because it is easy to install, move, use and maintain, and has no effect on buildings and conference venues.view
  • D9001II Paperless Conference SystemD9001II Paperless Conference SystemAugust 11, 2021DSPPA paperless conference system is a paperless conference system tailored for government party and government agencies, enterprises, institutions, and large group companies. ...view
  • D6201 Digital Audiovisual Conference SystemD6201 Digital Audiovisual Conference SystemAugust 22, 2021The sound reinforcement system for a conference room is a precise and scientific system with high stability and reliability. It should be combined with the actual situation of the...view
  • D7201 Dante Conference System (Uganda Case)D7201 Dante Conference System (Uganda Case)August 25, 2021A complete digital audio and video conference system includes the following main aspects: check-in, speech, voting, conference sound reinforcement, conference process control, ...view
  • D6701 Series of  Infrared Wireless Conference SystemD6701 Series of Infrared Wireless Conference SystemAugust 2, 2022D6701 series wireless conference system is a highly confidential infrared conference system. Fully digitally controlled, the system can achieve a variety of functions, with a variety of speech modes, and can be connected with the video host to realize video tracking, sign-in, voting, speech and other functions.view
  • MP9866 Digital Conference SystemMP9866 Digital Conference SystemAugust 31, 20211. Solution Description DSPPA new generation of pure speech digital conference system perfectly combines 8-pin cable hand-in-hand connection and dual-backup full digital intelligent control technology...view
  • D6115 Digital Conference System(Pop-up microphones and connection method)D6115 Digital Conference System(Pop-up microphones and connection method)September 27, 2021DSPPA new generation pure speech digital conference system is an 8-pin one-line hand-in-hand full digital intelligent control technology application, which makes the system simple to operate and easy to install.view
  • The Intelligent Electronic Table Cards for the D7600 Series Paperless Conference SystemThe Intelligent Electronic Table Cards for the D7600 Series Paperless Conference SystemDecember 7, 2021DSPPA's Intelligent Electronic Table Card Display System-D7642 is designed for modern senior meetings. In addition to being more convenient and faster, it is recycling, which caters to the energy-saving and environmental protection philosophy by avoiding waste of resources. Therefore, it is eco-friendly electronic table card.view
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