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Small-Medium Conference Room (Meet Pro)

  • Solution to Small and Medium-Sized Business Conference RoomSolution to Small and Medium-Sized Business Conference RoomOctober 24, 2019Solution to Small and Medium-Sized Business Conference RoomDescriptionFor small and medium-sized simple business conferences, we are equipped with the most concise but advanced digital conference syst...view
  • Dante Conference System for Small Negotiation RoomDante Conference System for Small Negotiation RoomMay 27, 20201. Solution Description A meeting room is indispensable in normal work communication as it is always needed for interviews, internal training, contract signing, and leadership talks. And it brings dif...view
  • Electronic Nameplate SystemElectronic Nameplate SystemApril 14, 20211. Solution DescriptionDSPPA electronic nameplate system is an auxiliary system of modern digital conference system. It can be linked with the server via Cat-5 cable or Wi-Fi to realize central contro...view
  • 2/4/8 Channels UHF Wireless Microphone System2/4/8 Channels UHF Wireless Microphone SystemApril 15, 2021DSPPA new UHF wireless microphone system provides a new energy-saving mode, with automatic EQ control, tone correction and IR frequency synchronization functions. It uses high-frequency SAW filters to...view
  • D6201&HD8000 Video Conference SystemD6201&HD8000 Video Conference SystemApril 16, 20211. Solution DescriptionRemote video conference system can achieve collaborative work and remote training with quick response, which can improve work efficiency and reduce operating costs, such as time...view
  • 2.4G Digital Wireless Desktop Conference System2.4G Digital Wireless Desktop Conference SystemJuly 12, 20192.4G Digital Wireless Desktop Conference SystemBrief introductionAdopting digital wireless processing audio signals and control signals, DSPPA Wireless Conference System is with video tracking functio...view
  • Small & Medium-size Conference - Audio & Video Conference SystemSmall & Medium-size Conference - Audio & Video Conference SystemAugust 28, 20201. Solution DescriptionThe sound reinforcement system of the conference room is a precise and scientific system with stable operation and high reliability. It must be designed based on the actual situ...view
  • MP69 Series Mixer AmplifierMP69 Series Mixer AmplifierApril 2, 20211. System OverviewAccording to the needs of the project, the conference room should have a good sound reinforcement effect, with wide sound reinforcement, clear and bright sound, not easy to generate ...view
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