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Remote Video Conference

  • 2K/4K IP-based Distribution KVM Management System2K/4K IP-based Distribution KVM Management SystemJanuary 10, 2022The command and control center needs to build a set of emergency command and dispatch center to realize remote video conference communication, local conference broadcasting, central control system, IP-CCTV fire-fighting system, etc.view
  • Multifunctional Intelligent Conference HallMultifunctional Intelligent Conference HallMarch 28, 2022Intelligent Conference System generally consists of conference speech system, central control system, video matrix system, data distribution display equipment, sound reinforcement system and application software.view
  • Small Remote Video Conference + All-in-one TerminalSmall Remote Video Conference + All-in-one TerminalAugust 28, 2020Small Remote Video Conference + All-in-one Terminal1. Solution DescriptionFor small remote video conferences, our company has launched MR1060 series products. The MR1060 remote video conference termin...view
  • D6900 4K Visualized Distributed Integrated Management PlatformD6900 4K Visualized Distributed Integrated Management PlatformAugust 12, 2021Based on the needs of industry customers, DSPPA 4K visualized distributed integrated management platform integrates advanced and stable audio and video transmission control te...view
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