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A harvest month - July in 2015

July is more than a month,really,it is a season,an achievement in itself.DSPPA enterprises ushered in many friends around the world in July,2015.They visited DSPPA factories and office.Our sales managers,offered our international friends a detail,professional training about Regular public address system,Intelligent PA system,Network PA system,Smart Paperless Conference system,Home Central Audio system,ect,so that they could know more about our products.

Most of our friends praised our products many times when training as we let them deeply feel the positive energy,the active corporate culture and showed them good quality products.

The whole training process was passionate.One of our friends said that a group of DSPPA man let me re-define of Chinese nation brand today, because DSPPA let me feel the speed and passion, sounding the world, DSPPA must leading the world.

Customer's praise and affirmation make us powerful.Hope that we can get more harvest in August!!!!!Come on,boys and girls!!!!

dsppa harvest

(DSPPA friends)

dsppa friends gathering

(DSPPA friends)

A short introduction of DSPPA:

Being the chief editor of Technical Code for Public Address System Engineering of PRC, we already lead the Audio Product industry in China for 27 years. Our production line covers from PA amplifier, mixing amplifier, all-in -one amplifier, column speaker, wall mounted speaker, ceiling speaker, horn speaker, garden speaker to PA system, conference system and smart home audio system, etc. Our products had already been successfully launched to lots of famous projects worldwide, such as, the Winter Olympics 2014(Sochi, Russia), the EXPO 2010(Shanghai, China) and the Olympic Games 2008(Beijing, China).

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