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DSPPA 25th Anniversary Celebration

Founded in 1988, Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd had designed and manufactured audio products for 25 years now, and is the leading brand in China market in PA system, conference system and home audio system.  On Aug 1st, 2013, all the staff and their families gathered in this ceremony for celebrating the 25th birthday of DSPPA.

DSPPA Chairman, Chief engineer and Experts of PA industry in China

DSPPA Chairman, Chief engineer and Experts of PA industry in China

The celebration begins with the best wishes from partners of DSPPA all over the world.  Six gorgeously dressed hosts and hostesses announce the beginning of this ceremony; the audiences are excited and the atmosphere is warm and friendly!

Hosts and Hostesses

Hosts and Hostesses

DSPPA Employee

DSPPA Employee

The 25 years of successful running of DSPPA owes to the good faith of Chairman Wang Heng.  He makes a speech for this ceremony at the beginning. He says, “Every step DSPPA taked in the past 25 years is firm and strong. We grow from a small factory to the leader in the PA industry of China; we break the monopoly of the foreign brands in China, and get the change to provide our good services for the world’s great events - the Olympics, the Expo, the Asian Games and etc. He himself also steps into his own 50s now from when he was a young man when he started DSPPA” The success of DSPPA credits to the continuously hardworking and venturing of every staff in DSPPA, and Mr. Wang Heng expresses his best wishes and thankfulness to all the friends that contributed to DSPPA.

“In the past 25 years, DSPPA made great contribution to the progress of China PA industry”, the chief engineer of DSPPA, Mr Zhong Gongliang said with proudness. The PA system of DSPPA developed from the simple structure of “Amplifier + Microphone + Speaker” to the most advanced IP PA system which based on DSPPA protocol. He believes that DSPPA will continue to lead the PA industry of China to go forward in the future!

Ms Zhong Houchun, secretary general of audio engineering branch of China electronic institute, also made a speech in this ceremony.  She appreciated all the contribution that DSPPA had made to the whole industry, and hoped that DSPPA would grow bigger and stronger!

The rapid development and all the achievements of DSPPA in the past 25 years, owes to the hard-working DSPPA employees.  By taking this opportunity, DSPPA chairman Mr Wang Heng presented awards to the employees who worked in DSPPA for more than 10 years or 20 years.

Awards to employees in DSPPA for more than 10 years or 20 years

Awards to employees in DSPPA for more than 10 years or 20 years

All staffs show their best wishes to DSPPA at this night, and they even prepare their gifts for DSPPA.

the show

The stage tonight is very bright and colorful; people tonight are happy and excited; DSPPA staffs show their talent on the stage: they do not only work well, they also play well! The first show in this ceremony is “China Dream- DSPPA Dream”; this is a micro film about the history of DSPPA in the past 25 years. This shows the creativity, team spirit, hardworking of DSPPA staff.

There are also many other fabulous shows such as Chinese folk dance, stage play, modern singing and dancing, violin solos, etc. During the show, there is also “Lucky Draw” with many presents. The audiences here are all very excited; the atmosphere here is wonderful!

The shows

Chairman Mr. Wang Heng

Chairman Mr. Wang Heng and Chief Engineer Mr. Zhong Gongliang opened the champagne and cut the cake for the celebration of the DSPPA birthday! All of the staff sing “happy birthday” song; wishing all the best for DSPPA! And we will work harder to present a much better DSPPA in the next 25 years!

After the ceremony, there is an interesting garden party inside the DSPPA industrial garden.  All kinds of games with presents here make everyone enjoy themselves.

 birthday party

This birthday party is a great time for all! Wish DSPPA a more prosperous 25 years!!!

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