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DSPPA got UL Certification for American Market

In 2016, DSPPA applied and got the UL certification to better meet the demand of American market. UL-Underwriter Laboratories Inc., engages in security testing and identification, which is not only the most authoritative in the U.S, but also the larger civil society institutions in the world.

UL certification for amplifiers and speakers

Now, DSPPA has got the UL certification for amplifiers and speakers

MP310U 6 zone music and paging system

MP310U is a 6 zone PA console. It can be applied in supermarkets to meet the needs of public broadcasting. It can realize the ensured functions of public address such as emergency broadcast, business announcement, and background music playing. The console MP310U has multiple audio input sources: 4 Mic input, 3 AUX line inputs, built-in tuner, built-in USB and SD. It supports 6 zones management, each zone with individual volume control. The 100V output power can help long distance transmission, with the loudspeakers placed in appointed places like warehouse, shopping zones, outside of the market, etc. It is the best economic solution for small places like supermarkets, hotels, training centers etc., where public address and background music is needed.

As MP310U is CE/CB/UL certificated, it can be sold and installed almost all over the world. And the main features are in follows:


6 zones public address console;

120W rated power output, 60W/120W/250W/350W optional

100V/4-16Ω speaker output (high impedance & low impedance)

Multiple input sources: 4 Mic, 3 AUX line, built-in tuner/USB/SD

Individual volume control for each zone

MP310U 6 zone music and paging system

DSP40I-Invisible Speaker

DSP40I, is a invisible speaker with excellent sound quality and it is with CE & UL certificates. The main features of DSP 40I is in follows:


70V/100V inputs for commercial solution;

10W/20W/30W/40W for difference power requirements;

Unique installation design, totally invisible after painting/furnishing

Thanks to the developed technology and excellent design, the speaker DSP40I and be installed inside walls or ceilings, and painted to the colors as its surroundings to be totally invisible. The driver units of the speaker are made with rare earth permanent magnetic material, thus the speaker can be ultra-thin but with excellent sound effect. The main structure of the speaker is consisted of two parts: the base box and the sounding unit.

DSP40I-Invisible Speaker

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