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DSPPA, Happy Birthday!

DSPPA, Happy Birthday!

Yesterday, August 8th, is the 30-year-old birthday of DSPPA. The 30th anniversary celebration and fifth Thanksgiving Day of DSPPA was held in DSPPA headquarter. More than 800 employees and their families came to celebrate this grand event.

On the flag-raising ceremony, President Mr. Wang Heng said:” Ten years has passed since 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Today is also the 30th anniversary of DSPPA. In these ten years, DSPPA succeeded in projects of Beijing Olympics, Shanghai Expo, and Guangzhou Asian Games. This year, we become partner of Indonesia Asian Games. On behalf of DSPPA Group, I would like to wish the 18th Asian Games a great success.” After that, PK activities were held among all departments.

Mr. Wang Heng making a speech

Interesting activities

Singing competitio

Thanksgiving activity

Presenting awards to employees with ten-year seniority

Happy birthday, DSPPA!

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