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Great Winery adopts DSPPA IP Network System

DSPPA IP network PA system applied in Great winery in Shan Xi province, China. Great winery represents the development direction of China's wine with the world's leading level.

Great winery invested 1 billion at the end of 12th Five-Year for the construction of the new Great organic agricultural science and technology demonstration park. It is a integrated economy with the formation of cultivation, production, storage, research and development, production and development, tourism.

great agricultural ecological park

Comparing to the traditional PA system, IP network system is more flexible and can transmit farther, and it takes the advantage of the existing LAN/WAN,which can help speed up the construction, save cable laying, and combine different network together.

IP network system

The whole project contains the main parts as follows:

1. The main equipment:

MAG 6182  IP Network Center

MAG 6865  Network Amplifier

MAG 6416  16-channel Fire Fighting Terminal

MAG 6588  IP Network Paging Station

2. Speakers:

MAG 6463 Wall Mount IP Speaker

DSP 501   Ceiling Speaker

DSP 208  Waterproof Column Speaker

waterproof column speaker

DSPPA IP Network System Configuration:

DSPPA IP Network System

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