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New Arrival of DSPPA Immersive Audio System DSPPA

New Arrival of DSPPA Immersive Audio System

Abstract: DSPPA Immersive Audio System makes its debut.

Traditional Digital System VS Immersive Audio System 

There is a incosistency between the sound perceived by the audience and the sound source in traditional conference system.

With the development of information technology, people raise higher requirements for subjective listening effects like audio-visual consistency.

Product Brief

D6686 Immersive Audio Processor


● Built-in high-performance DSP patented immersive acoustic algorithm.
● Support adjustment of 4 inputs simultaneously.
● Each input has 16 adjustable positioning points, which means a total of 64 positioning points can be adjusted.
● In the user interface, two parameters can be adjusted.
● Built-in multi-band FIR+IIR equalizer for internal digital signal correction. 
● Suitable for all kinds of conference rooms, museums and concert halls, etc.
● Precise sound source positioning
● Consistency between the perceived sound and source direction

System Architecture

An immersive audio system can be created by the combination of  a immersive audio processor and multiple amplifiers and speakers.


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