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Sino-British academic exchanges between DSPPA and Princess Michael of Kent, England

Volvo Global Ocean Race, known as the "Sea Marathon" and the sailing competition "Everest" came to Guangzhou in Nansha area from January 31, 2018 to February 5. The Volvo Global Ocean Race with the Olympic sailing and the American Cup, known as the world's three sailing races, and Guangzhou was the sixth stop and the only one in mainland China.

In addition to the race, the most exciting thing was that the royal Princess Michael of Kent, Prince Michael of Kent, Mr. Timothy Fok, Huo Qigang& Guo Jingjing couples and other famous people arrived to visit DSPPA Audio Museum in Nansha area.

On February 2, 2018 afternoon, under the long-awaited of the people finally ushered in the Nansha Cultural Council and the opening ceremony of the Thirteen Hongs Cultural Research Institute and the starting ceremony of Princess Michael of Kent’s book Crowned in a Far Country: Portraits of Eight Royal Brides, Chinese version.

After the ceremony, Princess Michael of Kent, Prince Michael of Kent, Mr. Timothy Fok, Huo Qigang& Guo Jingjing couples visited Historical Memory of Maritime Silkroad- Cultural Exhibition of Thirteen Hongs. All the exhibits of this exhibition were provided by our DSPPA Audio Museum. Here, we exhibited pith paper paintings, a variety of blue and white porcelain, Canton porcelain, furniture and some embroidered costumes and cushions, each of which was full of age and mystery, and also represents Chinese culture.

Our venue was the only venue where the royal princess, prince and other honorable guests visited among South sandstone market numerous venues, which fully demonstrates the great attraction and historical collection value of our exhibits.

During the visit, our Chairman, Mr. Wang Heng, personally received the explanation. Princess Michael once participated the museum curator and was responsible for the porcelain project, and this time she showed great interest to the embroidery provided by DSPPA appreciated a lot!

Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing couple expressed appreciation and admiration about our chairman Mr. Wang Heng for the unselfish contribution to Thirteen Hongs Museum.
After visiting the Historical Memory of Maritime Silkroad, princess and prince with full cultural harvest, satisfied to leave.

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