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POE IP Network System Solution of Hotel

POE IP Network System Solution Of Hotel
POE network power supply system uses the existing Ethernet cat.5 wiring to transmit data signals for some IP - based terminals (such as IP network broadcast system terminals, speakers, speakers, etc.) and also provides DC power supply technology for such devices. The wiring cost and power loss can be greatly reduced.
It contains POE network IP digital ceiling speaker, wall-mounted  POE network IP digital speaker, POE network IP digital waterproof column etc.
POE network digital IP speaker, as a simple one-way IP terminal, is mainly used in hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, leisure clubs, villas, scenic spots, stations, docks, airports, parks and other places.

POE IP Network System Solution Of Hotel

POE System:

POE IP Network System Solution Of Hotel


1. Some terminals are designed with dual network ports, which can be freely selected (POE or non-poe), and can be connected to any place reached by the network,
2. Flexible operation, no limit of zone management, abundant audio source inputs, and Programmable timing function
3. Built-in network decoder and amplifier, Support operation across network segments
4. Support to Remote control and paging function and Remote computer control and monitor
5. Can be used offline, Automatic backup and recovery
6. MP3 decoding and playback function, built-in digital power amplifier, and support up to 48kHz sampling rate 16bit digital audio code stream decoding.
7. Support to play Background music, emergency pager, alarm signal and so on from the system host
8. Support zone paging and group paging and paging recording and memo function
9. Support Infrared remote control.

System List:

Model Equipment Name QTY(PCS)
MAG6180 IP Network Software 1
MP9807C PA System MP3 CD/ VCD/DVD Player 1
MAG6410 Single Slot Network Module Extender 1
MAG6411 Audio Adapter Module 1
POE6310 IP Network Terminal 1
POE6401 IP Network Terminal 1
POE6311 Ceiling Speaker 2
POE6368 Column Speaker 2
POE 6463 Wall Mount Speaker 2
DSP5011L Ceiling Speaker 2
DSP116 Wall Mount Speaker 2

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