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LA1420F 650W Passive Waterproof Array Full Range Speaker (1 PCS)


● A fully waterproof, high-end medium and high-frequency passive line array speaker renowned for its exceptional quality.
● Known for its outstanding radiation characteristics, delivering clear, delicate sound with robust sound penetration.
● Features high sensitivity, a high sound pressure level (SPL), and easy installation for seamless use.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

This product represents a top-tier, high-quality medium and high-frequency passive waterproof line array speaker. Renowned for its exceptional radiation characteristics, it delivers clear, delicate sound with impressive sound penetration. Its standout features include high sensitivity and a remarkable sound pressure level, ensuring a powerful and articulate audio experience.



Frequency Response


Rated Power


Sensitivity (1W/m)




System Composition

10″ woofer×2, 1.75″ tweeter×2

Rated Impedance

Radiation Angle (H×V)




Net Weight


Dimensions (H×W×D)


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