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LA1512 (100V) Waterproof Line Array Loudspeaker (4 units combinations)


● With high sensitivity and high SPL., can stack up to 4 units, and can connect up to 2 groups.
● With adjustable vertical directivity angles: 60°, 45°, 30° and 15°.
● 70/100V, rated power of 200W, suitable for different fields.
● With optional installation methods: ceiling, wall-mounted, and stand-mounted installation.
● All weather design, ideal for indoor and outdoor venues, can connect a subwoofer to increase low frequency sound.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

LA1512 full-range line array speaker combination features input voltage of 100V and RMS power of 200W and it meets the important need of versatile public address system that can provide high-quality sound reinforcement for a wide range of different venues. It has three installation methods: ceiling, wall-mounted, and stand-mounted installation. With all weather design, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor venues.



Frequency Response (-10dB)

70-20000Hz  60° mode, 75-20000Hz  45° mode

80-20000Hz  30° mode, 85-20000Hz  15° mode

Sensitivity (1m, 1W)

96dB  60° mode, 97dB  45° mode

98dB  30° mode, 99dB  15° mode

MAX. SPL. (1m)

122dB/128dB (peak value)



Rated Power


Horizontal Directivity Angle (-6dB)


Vertical Directivity Angle (-6dB)

15°~60° adjustable

Driver Unit

4.5" woofer×4 (low and intermediate frequency); 1" tweeter×12 (high frequency)

Shell Material


Operating Temperature




Net Weight


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