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LAM1432SA 800W Active Speaker System


● A compact loudspeaker system featuring an integrated processor (DSP) and line array technology.
● Frequency Response:65Hz-18kHz
● Small in size, beautiful in shape, equipped with a special flight case, with strong mobility.
● With integrated design and installation, it is easy to use.
● Adopt wear-resistant surface treatment, with all-aluminum hanging parts.
● The system is suitable for small mobile performances, stadiums, theatres, bars, banquet halls and other places.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

LAM1432SA is specifically designed as a planar waveguide active speaker system to enhance the performance of LAM1432 low-frequency speakers. This advanced system features an 18" unit with a 100mm voice coil for extended range and precision. The LAM1432SA comes with an all-steel suspension system, allowing for convenient stacking or suspension alongside LAM1432 speakers. The speaker box is constructed from 13 layers of sturdy plywood and treated with wear-resistant yarn points to ensure durability. Equipped with a three-channel digital power amplifier module, the LAM1432SA can effortlessly power one LAM1432SA and two LAM1432 speakers concurrently. Additionally, it incorporates a DSP digital audio processing module with one input and three outputs for accurate sound adjustments, and it supports RS485 connection to a computer for convenient system parameter adjustments.



Unit Structure

18" woofer ×1

Frequency Response

38 Hz – 220 Hz

Speaker Sensitivity (converted to 1m, 1W)




Active Signal Input Impedance

20 kΩ

Amplifier Power


Continuous Power

800W (AES)

Amplifier Input Sensitivity


Amplifier Distortion


Working Voltage




Dimensions (W×H×D)




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