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The Features of Wall Mounted PA System

The features of wall mounted pa system

1.Scientific, accurate and advanced system design:

In the design of wall mounted pa system, the acoustical technical indexes of these sites shall be ensured to meet the requirements specified in the bidding documents, and the acoustical system design of each site shall be scientific, accurate and advanced.

2. Systematicness and practicability to meet functional requirements:

In the equipment configuration of the pa system, we guarantee that the system should have the ability and standard to complete the required functions of the project, meet the actual needs of the project and the requirements of relevant domestic regulations, and achieve the system easily and operate conveniently. The equipment used in the pa system is all advanced products of well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers, and the indicators of the equipment meet the requirements and have consistency and interchangeability so that the system has good flexibility, compatibility, expansibility, and portability.

3. Equipment reliability and service guarantee:

The main equipment in the design of pa system are all products of famous brands, with high reliability and excellent performance, which have been successfully applied all over the country and won high praise, providing timely and effective service for customers.

4. The economy of system configuration:

Always follow the principle that the performance and price ratio of the equipment used in the public broadcasting system reach the best, and ensure that the public broadcasting system configuration has high economy and practicability.

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