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WEP5540/WEP5541 4G Village-leveled Emergency Audio Decoder


● With LCD screen to display signal intensity and playing status
● Built-in 2 channel RDS radio, for normal and emergency FM
● With 2 Aux input and one Aux output
● Local mic and superior level broadcasting with priority
● Can connect with external FM transmitter, cover the village
● With telephone input and SMS function

  • Introduction
  • Specification

WEP5541 is a multi-functional emergency broadcast host that integrates multiple controls, which can be used with different front and rear devices to form a variety of application systems. It is mainly used for addressable systems such as wireless/wired co-cable transmission, rural broadcasting village sound projects, small broadcasting projects, external and internal network broadcasting systems, etc.

Technical Parameter

Technical Requirements

Input Interface

1 FM Input

F Head75Ω

1 IP input

100/1000MbpsUDP Protocol

1 GPS Receive Module

Support SMS or telephone remote emergency insertion

2 Sets of Audio Line Inputs


1RDS Input


1 USB Input

USB Interface

Stream Format: communication

1Microphone Connector


Output Interface

IP Output

1 IP output UDP protocol100/1000Mbps Network port

1 Set of Audio Output


1-way Monitor Speaker

Output power: 3W

1 FM output

F Head75Ω

2 controlled power outputs

220V  5A

Indicator Parameters

Frequency Output Range


RF Signal Input Level

FM: ≤-50dBm

Modulation Output  Parameters

Distortion100% modulation


Frequency Response


SNR100% Modulation

60 dB

Left/Right Channel Separation

40 dB

Left and right channel level difference

0.4 dB

Carrier Frequency Allowable deviation


Carrier output level


Amplitude-modulated Noise


Audio Frequency Response



Audio Frequency Response



Audio THD

≤1.5%frequency offset±75kHz,test frequency is 1kHz

IP Network Audio Decoding or Encoding

Decoding or Encoding


Sampling Rate


Sampling accuracy





LCD display/key operation

Simplified Chinese Interface

Temperature Range


Power Supply

AC 100~265V±10%50/60Hz

Power Consumption


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