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D6115 Digital Conference System Host


● Can choose the number of speaking mics at the same time from 1-9 (inclusive) or free-mode speech.
● With the external video central processor, it can realize the function of speaker positioning and tracking.
● With LCD on the panel, 122×32 dot matrix display of conference mode. With function keys and knobs on the panel for system settings and adjustment.
● With audio signal output terminal, it can be connected with the recording or audio equipment.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

This system has comprehensive functions and can use different operation modes to manage conference discussions according to different requirements of users. It can be used in conjunction with simultaneous interpretation and wired/wireless language distribution systems.
The system can be connected to a computer for operation, or it can work independently from the computer. The system control mode is selected on the host panel: computer control mode and host control mode. The host power is 115W, a single host can support 60 delegate / chairman mics, and a single host  plus extended host can support communication capacity up to 240 mics.




122×32 dot matrix display

Frequency Response




Power consumption


Power Supply

AC220V-240V, 50Hz-60Hz

Outer dimensions (W×H×D)

485mm (including handles) × 100mm (2U, including chassis foot pad) × 355mm

Net Weight


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