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Characteristics of Network Sound System

In recent years, with the explosive development of Wi-Fi speakers, the attention of the consumers have shifted to this emerging audio product. Through wireless technology, the network sound system can transmit music signals in the “atmosphere”, which is the lossless level transmission. On the basis of the gradual maturity of the "Internet of things" protocol, the Wi-Fi speaker has been upgraded again, a product that has access to the Internet and can play music according to the user's preferences comes out. Compared with the past speakers, the network sound system has three most attractive advantages.

1. Convenient Connection

Say goodbye to APP, Bluetooth pairing and complex wireless network matching operation, just click WeChat to connect the speaker to the network. The network sound system gets rid of the troublesome operation of Wi-Fi speakers, it supports the WeChat platform with the highest user affinity. Just use WeChat to scan the QR codes, even users who have never been in contact with the network sound system can connect their own speakers to the network step by step according to the tips. After the connection is done the users can play the music simply by a remote control.

2. Low-Frequency Shock, Superb Sound Quality 

No matter how convenient the network sound system is, the sound quality is still the most important. Among the similar products, medium and small-sized speakers are the most suitable ones to be used as network sound system, because they won't occupy too much space, and these rising small speakers can provide sound quality that is good enough. For example, the KuGou Pandora Network Bluetooth sound box, equipped with 2.75-inch full frequency horn and 1.5L large capacity cavity, can achieve 36 watts stereo output with good heavy bass effect.

3. Farewell to Choice Difficulty

Interaction design like music radio is one of the creative highlights. The common sound boxes all have song menus, you have to pick your own music before playing it. But the network sound systems are totally different, you don't have to choose the list of songs, it will give you eight selected music stations through the latest cloud network technology. If you like a certain song, you can click on the heart-shaped button of the remote control to collect it. The cloud big data will recommend you with the music you may like, which can help get rid of choice difficulty.

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