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Configuration Solution of Public Address Amplifier and Speaker (I)

In the field of professional public address amplifier, the configuration of audio equipment is very careful, among which the configuration of the power amplifier and the speaker is the most important. Although the direction for use of some speaker products recommends the specific brand or model of the power amplifier to users, it still has limitations, because users often face many types of the power amplifier and cannot choose one among them.

The configuration of the power amplifier and speaker involves many aspects, such as the name of the power amplifier, the selection of type of power tube and which power amplifier should be configured for low sensitivity speakers. Power amplifier and speaker specific configuration, generally speaking, are related to Designers' experience, hobbies, listening habits, and other factors, it is difficult to find a unified standard.

Sometimes, in order to save money, some users or designers often configure the speaker with a small power amplifier, and some users configure the speaker with a large power amplifier for the so-called "sufficient power reserve".Obviously, this is not appropriate. Importantly, this configuration will cause damage to the equipment. In the configuration of a power amplifier and speaker, the power amplifier is indeed the key, that is to say, the determining principle of a power amplifier should be unified.

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