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Integrated Solution of Intelligent Conference System

Before looking at the integrated solution of the intelligent conference system, let's take a brief explanation of the frontier of the conference system and the intelligent system.


Ⅰ. Digital conference system

It adopts all-digital network transmission and control, which can realize functions such as discussion speech, camera tracking, electronic table cards, instant speech, tea application, and SMS notification.


Ⅱ. Central control conference system


The operation interface can be customized according to user needs, and can be seamlessly connected to various brands of equipment; it supports linkage with the central control system, and the operator can start a meeting with just one key; the conference room control scene is controlled by one key: the elevator rises, The power is turned on, the lights are turned on, the air conditioner is turned on and the temperature is adjusted, the curtains are opened, the signal is cast, etc.

Ⅲ. Paperless conference system

The paperless conference system can realize functions such as data upload, meeting notice, meeting sign-in, agenda management, voting management, signal management, data confidentiality, one-key deletion, data viewing, and document classification.

Ⅳ. Intelligent conference system

1. What is an intelligent conference system?

It is a modern conference mode that centrally controls various conference equipment and conference environments through a central controller.

2. What is the central controller?


It refers to equipment that centrally controls various equipment such as sound, light, and electricity.

3. What equipment are generally available in modern conference rooms?

Conference equipment: video (TV/plasma display, projector/video display stand, DVD/VCR), audio (CD/MD, power amplifier, mixer, microphone, etc.), data equipment (computer) and other related equipment.

Environmental equipment: temperature/humidity regulator, lighting, electric projection screen, electric curtain, electric door, electric lift, etc.

A conference can be held with one microphone and two speakers. This is the traditional conference mode that has been used for many years. In human communication, 55% of the effective information relies on visual effects, 38% on sound, and only 7% on content. Therefore, it is far from meeting the requirements of modern conferences to express with one voice.

Modern conferences require expressing the thoughts of the attendees concisely and vividly, and displaying their products vividly and clearly. The above content is also explained in professional words: high-quality audio signals, high-definition video, dynamic pictures and images, physical materials and accurate data to express the thoughts of the participants.

The four parts implement different functions, and you can choose the subsystem you want according to your actual needs.

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