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D6574II 8-Channel Digital Conference Mixer


● With 8 channels of signal input, automatic turning on channels with signal input, automatic or manual adjustment of channel gate action level
● Each channel can be set as a priority.
● Different input level could be chosen for each input channel based on different input device. Gain of channels could also be adjusted independently.
● With independent volume adjustment for each channel, high-performance 75Hz low frequency attenuation circuit
● With selection switch of 48V phantom power, two groups–CH1-4 and CH5-8
● NOMA (Number of open Microphone Attenuated) function: Line could automatically adjust output level according to the increase of channel usage.
● With Aux & Control interface to control external signal light or camera controller. Audio signal of channel 1-8 could be output individually to record.
● With RS-232C interface to connect with central control or external controller to control on/off of channels, powerful extension capability
● With MIC output and earphone monitoring interface. Users could turn on or turn off MIC by external controller to cut off unnecessary MIC input.
● 2U machine, easy to be installed in racks

  • Introduction
  • Specification

D6574Ⅱ is an 8-channel digital conference mixer, which could be applied in profession sound reinforcement, public address and recording fields. Built-in priority speaker mode allows multiple microphones to speak simultaneously without interfering with each other. Nomal function allows the system to automatically adjust the output level as the gain of the channel is increased, effectively preventing the noise. It supports multiple I/O configurations to extend multiple devices. If the rear panel is equipped with an external control output terminal, the camera can be configured to make video conference system according to the control protocol. In addition, it supports multiple mixer extensions with up to 16 expansion units.

Input Impedance

MIC  7500Ω   LINE 12KΩ

Output Impedance (Parallel)

MIC   300Ω   LINE  32Ω

Output Impedance (Unparalleled)

AUX    16Ω

Line Output Impedance


Standard Input Level (Unparalleled)

MIC  -50dBV   LINE  -10dBV

Standard Input Level (Parallel)

MIC  -44dBV   LINE   -4dBV  

Standard Output Level (Unparalleled)

MIC  -32dBV   LINE    0dBV

Standard Output Level (Parallel)

MIC  -26dBV   LINE    8dB

Line Output Level


Max Gain


Frequency Response


Background Noise


THD (1Kz 0dB output voltage)






Control Output Voltage


Power Supply

AC 220V/50Hz

Power Consumption


Dimension (L×W×H)

483×380×88 mm



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