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D7022MS Conference Desktop Nameplate with Dual E-ink Tricolor Screens


● Low power consumption, 3-5 years of battery service life for regular use.
● Support Wake On Radio (WOR), fast refresh for results within seconds.
● Dot matrix electronic paper screen with a viewing angle close to 180°.
● Web-based application interface, support cross-platform operation.
● 5.Simple installation and quick layout.
● Battery-powered, no need for additional wiring.
● Double-sided display, with elegant appearance.
● Support global deployment, and can be used directly without installation.
● Simple operating interface, get started quickly.
● Wireless communication distance of 30m.
● Wireless communication rate of 50/250kbps.
● Custom two-way communication protocol, safe and reliable.
● Data verification of software and hardware.
● With low power consumption, it can be continuously used for 3-5 years.
● EPD dot matrix electronic paper, natural display.
● Working Temperature: 0-50℃

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7.5 inch






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