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Conference Room Speaker System, Key Point Two

The second key point is the choice of  conference room speaker system.
For conference rooms with low requirements and low investment, we can choose hand-in-hand conference microphone as the main microphone in conference room speaker system. It has simple wiring, easy installation and less investment. If the acoustical decoration and sound absorption processing of the conference room are better, the sound box is properly arranged, the sound field is even, and the handheld microphone can basically meet the requirements of sound clarity. Often, however, owners are reluctant to spend too much money on acoustic processing in conference rooms. Moreover, some important meeting rooms of government and enterprises require high quality of sound and sound effect, natural voice, natural and relaxed speech by speakers (no need to speak close to the microphone). These conference rooms have sufficient investment budget and high demand for sound quality. The best choice is to use independent microphone as the main microphone in the conference room speaker system. Because the environment of each conference room is different, the users are different, and the location of each microphone is different, it is necessary to be able to adjust the parameters of each microphone individually according to its usage. Hand-in-hand conference microphones can't do this.

There are many kinds of independent microphones, including capacitive microphones and resistive microphones. There are gooseneck microphones, interface microphones and array microphones. When selecting conference microphones, capacitive microphones with wide frequency response, uniform transmission characteristics, smoothness and low distortion should be generally chosen.

It must be noted that according to the sound field of the conference room and the distribution of the speakers, the heart type, super-heart type or super-directional microphone should be selected. The situation of each conference room is different. Different conference rooms should choose different conference room speaker system. The most appropriate is the best.

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