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DSP170A All Weather Powered Horn Speaker


● All-weather design, suitable for indoors and outdoors as well as different occasions;
● Equipped with installation brackets, easy to install;
● Adopt high-quality ABS plastics, high dynamic range speaker unit, more clear and bright;
● Support multiple monitoring audio and video connection;
● Stainless steel mounting brackets, corrosion-resistant, to ensure safety after installation.
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This product is widely used in schools, gymnasiums, square venues, parks, parking lots, railway stations, airports, villas, shopping malls and other places, and is the ideal choice for public broadcasting. In order to facilitate your installation, commissioning and use of this product, please read this manual before installation. The product is an active horn speaker developed for security and protection linkage, with simple arc design style, beautiful appearance, adjustable bracket installation, easy to install and remove. With durable ABS plastics for the case, it can be used outdoors for a long time.

DSP170A All Weather Powered Horn Speaker

DSP170A All Weather Powered Horn Speaker

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