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DSP9207 Normalized HD Video Broadcasting System


● No need additional tracking host and analysis camera
● One-click recording and broadcasting
● User friendly online broadcasting camera control in one step
● 2000 live broadcast concurrent
● Features highly integrated
● Synchronous recording in multiple formats
● interactive video conference connection
● Mobile terminal watch at any time

  • Introduction

The automatic recording and broadcasting system for the user's actual needs, using functional integration of simple equipment to build cost-effective recording and broadcasting classrooms easily. Innovative DSPPA EPTZ electronic PTZ technology to realize 2 seats 4 scene (teacher panorama + teacher close-up + student panorama + VGA close-up) automatic tracking shooting function, to meet the normal teaching, micro-teaching, micro-class, training and other educational application needs, to help schools build quality education resources, to enhance the level of education information.

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