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DSP227EN 24W EN54 Fireproof Wall Mount Speaker


● On wall or shelf projector 100V speaker, 24W-12W-6W, power taps, EN54-24:2008 standard certified.
● Plastic body made in ABS V0 type, Protection grid in aluminium. Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation, IP rate protection: IP66.
● Wide band bi-cone 5" speaker, audio transformer for connection to 100V or 70V lines, thermal fuse for protection of the speaker line in case of overheating, dual IN-OUT ceramic connector.
● Including aluminium fixing bracket, waterproof cover and IN-OUT cable glands for easy daisy-chain speakers’ connection.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

This product is a EN54-24 certified 100V full-range outdoor wall mount speaker with a 5" speaker and power taps for 24W/12W/6W. It can be used for voice alarm and fire detection. With IP66 waterproof level, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.





Loudspeaker for voice alarm system for fire detection and fire alarm system

Environmental Class EN54-24

Type B, outdoor applications

IP rate protection (EN60529)


Way no./Speaker type

1 via bicono, full range Ø130mm


100V (24W - 12W - 6W)

In-axis Freq. response (-10dB)

110 ÷ 18.000 Hz

Sensitivity (@1m, 1W)

86.3 dB SPL

SPL max (@1m, Pmax)

100.3 dB SPL

Coverage angle (-6dB)

360° (500 Hz), 262° (1 kHz), 131° (2 kHz), 82.3° (4 kHz) 61.5° (8 kHz)

Directivity Index DI (dB)

1.4 (500 Hz), 3.7 (1 kHz), 5.1 (2 kHz), 7.1 (4 kHz) 8.5 (8 kHz)

Directivity Factor Q

1.4 (500 Hz), 2.4 (1 kHz), 3.3 (2 kHz), 5.2 (4 kHz) 7.0 (8 kHz)

Nominal/Music power


Nominal Impedance @ 1KHz

416.6Ω(24W) – 833.3Ω(12W) – 1.66kΩ(6W)

Dimensions Ø - P

140mm - 240mm

Aluminium bracket

140mm - 152mm


1,4 Kg


ABS V0 type – painted grid in aluminium



● Reference axis: axis at the centre of the grid and perpendicular to the surface of the grid itself.
● Reference plane on the surface of the grid and perpendicular to the reference axis.
● Horizontal / vertical plane. Passing through the reference axis perpendicular to the reference plane.

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