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HD8000 MCU Video Conference Server


● With the most advanced H. 265 encoding and decoding technology;
● Highly integrated with a variety of functional interfaces;
● Users can customize the layout and monitor the meeting through visiting WEB page;
● Excellent in network adaptability and up to 30% anti-loss of video, makes the system stable and reliable;
● Support cascade and 128 - way concurrency.

  • Introduction

By adopting the most advanced H. 265 encoding and decoding technology and digital audio processing technology, DSPPA new generation 4K HD video conference system has excellent  dual-stream capacity, good network adaptability and security. Through a variety of expanding interfaces, the system can be compatible with other standard mainstream equipment. It has function of one key enter and one key exit meeting. The user can conduct video monitoring, venue browsing, conference status viewing and other functions through the WEB interface. The system can be widely used in various applications, such as executive meeting, enterprise training and telemedicine, etc.

HD8000 is the latest high-definition MCU launched by DSPPA, which can realize high-quality video and audio multipoint conferences on H.323 / SIP networks. The cost-effective HD8000 is the best product for holding high-definition multipoint video conferences.

HD8000 MCU Video Conference Server
HD8000 MCU Video Conference Server

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