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Paging Station

IP Paging Station is the remote paging station of IP Audio System. IP Audio System is based on TCP/IP protocol. It transfers audio signal and control signal via network cable. Thus, the control signal and audio signal of the IP Paging Station are transmitted to appointed zones via Ethernet cables.

  • DSP9101 IP Remote Paging StationDSP9101 IP Remote Paging StationNovember 30, 2016DSP9101 is a network Hi-Fi paging station based on TCP/IP transmission protocol, the smart paging station can be linked to anywhere reachable to the network, so as to achieve the paging to and control...view
  • DSP9312 Intercom Broadcast Paging Station SystemDSP9312 Intercom Broadcast Paging Station SystemApril 13, 2020The network video intercom paging station is a network high-fidelity video intercom paging station based on TCP/IP, SIP, UDP and other transmission protocols. It is used with the company's intercom br...view
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