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System Host

  • DSP9100 2U IP Network PA System Server(Windows/Linux)DSP9100 2U IP Network PA System Server(Windows/Linux)February 26, 2020The network broadcast server adopts industrial-grade industrial control host, the system is stable and reliable, built-in SSD solid state hard disk, aluminum alloy panel. Working 24 hours a day, it ca...view
  • DSP9100 7U IP Network PA System ServerDSP9100 7U IP Network PA System ServerJuly 1, 2019The IP Broadcast Server adopts industrial control host. The system is stable and reliable with SSD and aluminum alloy panel. Working 24 hours a day, it can operate stably in low and high temperature f...view
  • DSP9000—IP Network System SoftwareDSP9000—IP Network System SoftwareMarch 22, 2017view
  • DSP9102 IP Network Fire Alarm TerminalDSP9102 IP Network Fire Alarm TerminalJune 6, 2017The DSP9102 network fire collector is forcollection of occasion’s monitoring, smoke detection and emergencyhandling areas. When an alarm signal is received, the network fire collectorsends the signal...view
  • DSP9500 IP Network ServerDSP9500 IP Network ServerDecember 2, 2021DSP9500 is a high-end, heavy-duty and yet cost-effective enterprise- grade IPPBX system for medium to large enterprises. It is a fully featured SIP system with high system capacity, allowing the DSP9...view
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