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DSP9102 IP Network Fire Alarm Terminal


● Support 32 fire alarm signal access, support short circuit and 5V-24V signal.
● 32-way independent control, support adjacent zone alarm.
● The forced activation area may be limited to the accident zone and may be extended to several adjacent zones, which are pre-programmed by the networked host.
● You can customize the alarm to play the sound through the management software.
● The same system can have multiple devices connected to the network; control area can be extended.
● 10 / 100M adaptive, support DHCP / static IP.
● 32-way signal indicator on the panel shows the working status.
● 1U size, space-saving and lighter-weight; anodized aluminum alloy panel, good-looking and durable.

  • Introduction
  • Specification
  • Connection

The DSP9102 network fire collector is for collection of occasion’s monitoring, smoke detection and emergency handling areas. When an alarm signal is received, the network fire collector sends the signal to the server for forced insertion of the emergency broadcast state. It’s performance is sustainable, stable, efficient and reliable.





Way of display


Support agreement


Activate neighbor

Multiple, programmable

Trigger signal level



AC fuse×1

Input mode

Short  circuit, 5V~24V

Power input



R J45 (10/100M)

Size (high×Width×Depth)


Product Weight


DSP9102 IP Network Fire Alarm Terminal

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