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LA1512 (100V) / LA1512S (8Ω) Waterproof Line Array Loudspeaker (4 units combina...


● High sensitivity, high SPL, Stack up to 4 units, maximum
● can connect up to 2 groups
● Adjustable vertical directivity angle to 60°, 45°, 30° or 15°
● Optional special transformer, for switching constant
● resistance / constant voltage output mode
● Optional ceiling, wall mount, stand mount installation
● All weather design, ideal for indoor and outdoor venues,
● can external connect to subwoofer to increase low frequency sound

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DSPPA LA1512S Line Array Speaker are full range speaker cabinets with RMS power of 120W and it meets the important need of versatile public address system that can provide high quality reinforcement for a wide range of different venues.

DSPPA LA1512S is designed with four adjustable dispersion angles. Within seconds it can be adjusted between 60, 45, 30 and 15° and all with pattern control below 1 kHz. It supplies with a continuous and strong power output at RMS 120W in a durable, lightweight package. This particular model is of black design to best match working environment and blend into the background. It supports vertical mounting and horizontal mounting with the built-in bracket. End users can also purchase the optional wall or ceiling mount for even more versatility.

LA1512 (100V) / LA1512S (8Ω) Waterproof Line Array Speaker
LA1512 (100V) / LA1512S (8Ω) Waterproof Line Array Speaker

Frequency Response (-10 dB)

70-20000Hz (60°mode),75-20000Hz (45°mode)

80-20000Hz (30°mode),85-20000Hz (15°mode)

Sensitivity (1m,1W)

96dB(60°mode)/ 97dB(45°mode)

98dB(30°mode)/ 99dB(15°mode)

MAX. SPL. (1m)

122dB/ 128dB ( peak value)





Horizontal Directivity Angle (-6dB)


  Vertical Directivity Angle (-6dB)



4.5" bass×4(Low and intermediate frequency)

1" treble×12 (High frequency)

Shell Material


Operating Temperature


Dimension (L×W×H)


Net Weight

16.6 kg

LA1512 (100V) / LA1512S (8Ω) Waterproof Line Array Loudspeaker (4 units combinations)

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