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MAG2123S PA System Sequence Controller (1U)


● Independent 8-channel high power output, universal socket which supports multiple three-pole power socket, such as Chinese Standard Socket, American Standard Socket and European Standard Socket
● Maximal output of single channel is 10A, and total input current capacity is 10A
● On/off status of eight channels could be controlled and displayed on the front panel. On/off of all channels could be realized through the panel one-click switch
● Boot from the front to the back in order to start the various types of equipment, and shutdown from the back to the front one by one to shut down the equipment. Effective unified management control of electrical equipment ensures the stable operation of the entire system
● Can be widely used in multimedia classrooms, multi-function halls, conference rooms, projection splicing, video conferencing, monitoring center, building control, management and command center and other fields

  • Introduction
  • Specification

The 8-channel power sequence controller features an independent 8-channel high power output with universal sockets, offering effective control of on/off status for each channel, suitable for diverse settings such as classrooms, halls, and conference rooms.



Power Output

8 channels, universal socket

Single-channel Maximum load


Control Manner

Manual sequential startup,

external short-circuit signal triggered startup

Power Capacity

Total 110-240V,10A

Input Power


Sequence Interval

About 0.5s

Package Size (L×W×H) (mm)


Machine Size (L×W×H) (mm)


Net Weight


Gross Weight


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