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MAG2400 Dante Intelligent PA Center


● Dante-based digital network audio, low latency;
● Upgrade on appearance and hardware with faster operation;
● 17 inch touch screen;
● 8-channel built-in player;
● More than one thousand external audio sources is supported;
● Fully scheduled optimization for system;
● The system is fully digitally built, adding network terminals.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

The non-delay networked broadcasting system is a highly integrated and intelligent public broadcasting system based on computer network technology, modular and layered construction.
The system is fully digital for transmission, using a dedicated local area network (Gigabit switch is recommended) as the main transmission medium. Break through the traditional public broadcasting can only be downloaded and can only be centrally controlled through the computer room.
The host is compatible with terminals with different functions, including wall-mounted playback terminals, active speaker playback terminals, 16x16 rack-mounted terminals, two-channel audio module terminals, paging terminals, and one-button emergency help terminals. The main unit itself integrates audio source player, partition, preamplifier, timer and other functions, and also has a powerful audio matrix function.
This system is suitable for airports, docks, university towns, schools, large-scale gatherings (such as Expo Park) sites, sports stadiums, industrial parks, parks, rail transit and highways, etc.

MAG2400 Dante Intelligent PA Center



Computer System

WIN7 or above


Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-5200U



Hard disk space

120G Solid State Drive + 500G Mechanical Hard Drive

Audio Playback Format


Screen Dimensions

17.3" LCD Screen

Control method

Touch screen

Timed power supply capacity

Single channel current: 2A

The signal-to-noise ratio of the system's audio

Line: > 65dBMIC: >60dB

System audio signal distortion

1kHz < 0.5%

System audio signal standard input level

Line: 300mV±20mV; MIC: 10mV±2mV.

System audio signal standard output level


Power consumption

AC 220V/50Hz/150W

    Packing size (L×W×H mm)


Machine dimension (L×W×H mm)


Gross weight


net weight


System software

No-delay Networked Broadcasting System software package  All rights reserved; No copying or counterfeiting is allowed.

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