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What is a Paperless Conference System?

The waste of paper caused by ordinary meetings has become a problem of concern to people. With the development of science and technology, can we abandon paper conference and create a green and environment-friendly paperless conference? As a result, the paperless conference system came into being.

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The paperless conference is a new concept of paperless conference interaction system based on the development and implementation of traditional conference. It is a paperless conference interactive system based on mobile Internet. The proposal and implementation of the concept makes the conference from the traditional paper-based information recording carrier to the digital and mobile multimedia with tablet computer and smart phone as the carrier. Taking advantage of the portability of smart phone, the conference can be extended from the fixed meeting room to the mobile terminal outside the venue.

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As a subsystem of intelligent conference system, the paperless conference system is a new generation of conference system running on PC and tablet computer. It adopts a new conference mode, virtualizes all links in the traditional conference process, digitizes the main information and bearing medium, integrates various information technologies into all aspects of the conference and runs through the whole process of the conference, and move all the frequently held meetings to IOS and Android platforms, so that users can complete more tasks in a shorter time than before. At present, the main application is the paperless conference of Android system platform, which mainly realizes the functions of conference document distribution and synchronous demonstration and so on. It requires the real-time and confidentiality of file synchronization.

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