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MAG6282 Visual Network Public Address Center


● 17.3 inch touch screen, easy to operation
● B/S framework, easy to login the server and control the system
● Support VOIP protocol, realize video intercom between the terminal
● The terminal can connect with IPC camera, AI function customized
● Support main/standby switching;Support zone paging and monitoring;Support electronic maps
● Power supply:AC 220V/50Hz

  • Introduction
  • Specification

MAG6282 Visual Network Public Address Center is compatible with terminals with different functions, including Video Paging Controllers, Video Outdoor LED Screen Terminals, Video Intelligent Lamp Posts, Video Intercom Terminals, etc. The host integrates audio and video player, zone divider, preamplifier, timer and powerful audio matrix, to realize audio and video intercom, media information release, audio and video storage, and AI alarm.



Computer System

WIN7 and above


Intel(R) Core(TM)i5-5200U



Hard Disk

120G SSD+500G HDD

Audio Play Format


Playing Bit Rate


Operating System

32/64 bits

Number of Terminals

Unicast within 110, multicast unlimited

Screen Size

17.3" LCD

Control Method

Touch screen

Timing Power Load Capacity

Mono channel current: 2A

System Audio Signal SNR

LINE: >70dB;  MIC: >60dB

System Audio Signal Distortion


System Audio Signal Standard Input Level

LINE: 300mV±20mV; MIC: 10mV±2mV.

System Audio Signal Standard Output Level


Power Output Mode

Constant Resistance Output

Undistorted Output Power


Power Consumption

AC 220V/50Hz/150W

Package Dimensions (L×W×H mm)


Machine Dimensions (L×W×H mm)


Gross Weight


Net Weight


System Software

Visual network system software package. All rights reserved, no copying or counterfeiting.

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